Smooth Saxophone
for your
Special Day!
I 'm excited  about performing for the musical needs of you're wedding day!
Pre-Ceremony & Ceremony:  
I offer pre-ceremony selections while your guests are gathering and waiting for the wedding start, creating an atmosphere of anticipation for the ceremony.  Also, having pre-ceremony music is great for your guests while waiting for the ceremony start.  It's better than having them sit in awkward silence. 
For the ceremony, I will work with you to select the songs you feel are best!  Instrumental song choices from traditional wedding ceremony music to a smoother contemporary style are all available to you.  I look forward to working with you on your selections and musical needs. Please don't hesitate to ask for what you want! 
Reception Greeting & Cocktails:
Music selections for greeting & cocktail time are a little more upbeat and festive, but not overwhelming.  I enjoy creating a festive atmosphere while your family friends and guests are arriving to the reception!  The mix of music will encompass many styles and era's of music to accommodate the range of ages and tastes of your guests.
Dinner Music:
Music selections for dinner are slower in tempo and more in the ballad/standards area.  While always being sensitive to volume, I have a wide range of music that will make your dinner very elegant, while being sensitive to your time needs for speeches and toasts.
Other Information:
>Special requests are always welcome!  If you have a special song(s) you would like included in any portion of you're wedding day please let me know. If there is enough notice I can usually make it happen!  Also, if there are song(s) you do not want to hear, that can be arranged as well.
>If interested in my musical services please call for pricing information and let's see if we can make your special day even better!